Out of Brooklyn, NY, Meridian Lights is the song-writing duo of Bradley Valentin and Yohimbe Sampson. They believe that ART is the root word of “articulate” and strive to express the pure emotion, thrill, passion and renewal that exists in life’s most perfect as well as challenging moments.

Meridian Lights have many influences and this can be seen in the way they simultaneously exist in separate multi genre universes. In their rawest most innate incarnation they are an acoustic duo, they also take a digital form as an Electro R & B production group with pulsing rhythms and cascading vocals. At it’s core Meridian Lights is a 4 piece aggressively optimistic Rock n Roll band (Brian Mason -Drums/Jonathan Blake -Bass) with a live show that audiences describe as being “a once in a lifetime experience”. Their pursuit of expression has brought them all over the United States and Canada.

The honesty of their craft has led them to be featured by: Moscot, Fader, NPR, BBC, Milk, Saint Heron, Afropunk, OkayAfrica, MTV, Backwoods Festival, MTV, Northside Festival, NXNE, Brooklyn Museum, Everyday People and NY1.