#2: Band vs. Pandemic

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#2 How Does A Band Stick Together During A Pandemic?

In terms of dynamics there are a lot of different types of bands. There’s the hired gun band, there’s the I want to play in a different band band aka the I hate these songs band, there’s the this band gives me an opportunity to drink beer band and there’s always the this band is my life and we have to live together band. Meridian Lights is none of these and maybe some of these. When the shutdown started ML was in the process of finalizing an album, video and a tour. Out of precaution and the safety of our families ML followed pandemic guidelines and ceased even in person band meetings (where we discuss each-others faults) and rehearsals (where we performed songs about our faults). There were 2 occasions when we met at Prospect Park where we met and played some songs for the squirrels and the handful of people walking by. 

We maintained contact and supported each-other through our personal covid related challenges. In some ways we grew stronger, the conversations continued just included different topics. At times some of the laughter was not as loud and closing with “aight man see later” sounded so vague that at times that it was chilling. We weren’t thinking about our next gig we were thinking about our Worlds and families. Well as the things improved we received an invite to perform at GB’sJukeJoint. GBJJ is an incredible analog studio  in Long Island City, Queens, NY. During the pandemic the studio was converted into a live streaming performance space. This opportunity was a great way for the band to reconnect, reactivate and share some of their music and artistry with people.

We are excited to share the performance with you, click here.

Band Member Highlight: Brian Mason

Brian Mason, born in the Caribbean Sea, raised in Brooklyn. Raised by a Pastor and Mother Nature herself. Drummer, photographer, artist teacher, father, partner, and everything else he needs to be to become eternal. On a constant quest to find Jah light.

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