Meridian Lights: Crab Apples and Running While Black

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I think Meridian Lights’ were on tour in Tonasket, WA or was it Oklahoma when after a show we realized that if we drove to the Hotel we would get there at 4am and have to check out at noon. 4 tired musicians very far from their home’s in Brooklyn, NY were trying to make a good decision and the huddle was broken by the sound-man saying “I have a crab apple orchard you can sleep in if you like”. We had a tent and the members of the band are a lot of different things and down for an adventure is one of them. The members are all of course individuals yet there is a bond and shared World view that allows us to move as a unit like a coalition of Brooklyn Ambassadors. We know that travel is a privilege and that our community expects us to represent, return home safe and bring back news of the World. In addition we encounter like minded people wherever we go. This news letter in a way brings all together….

Now that we are here we would like to share a new project of ours.

We present, Running While Black: Written/narrated by Bradley Valentin Cinematography Vincent M. Morris JR, EDIT 9 MEDIA INC., Steve Peirce, Edited by: TownFuturist Media, Vocal Engineer: Spudbrooklyn at SHU Studio. Click here to watch RWB

As a result of the violence, injustice and hatred experienced by the Black Community many of us have to think twice before going certain places or doing certain things. In many ways there is a double consciousness to being Black in America or anywhere. In this piece Bradley Valentin explores this reality through his experiences as a Black Runner. Click here to watch RWB



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